Edcamp hits the Ivy League … (update!)

The Edcamp Foundation will be sharing the Edcamp model with Penn Graduate students on April 21, 2012. The goal will be to create greater awareness of unconferences as viable forms of professional development for educators.

The Edcamp Foundation is excited by the opportunity to share and dialogue with today’s leading minds in education.

Thanks go out to Joe Mazza for inviting the Edcamp Foundation to speak at this event.

This event will be LIVE STREAMED for all who care to attend. To join us, click here:

See you on Saturday at 12:30 PM EDT! Here’s a summary from UPenn:


“EdCamp-Style Professional Development Engages and Empowers Teachers”

EdCamp is a grassroots movement, a professional development model that encourages educators to take control of their own professional learning! In this session, presenters will create an authentic mini-model EdCamp session for participants where you can learn practical applications for incorporating the model in your own school district.

For more information about EdCamp, visit:, and a special thank you to Joe Mazza (Cohort 9) for helping to coordinate this event!


Photos from the session!

Edcamp Preso at UPenn GSE
Edcamp Preso at UPenn GSE
Edcamp Preso at UPenn GSE
Edcamp Preso at UPenn GSE
Edcamp Preso at UPenn GSE