Edcamp Foundation enters strategic partnership with SmartBrief, providing much needed funds and marketing support for Edcamps

Dan Callahan, Chairman of the Edcamp Foundation Board of Directors shares the exciting news: “We are thrilled to announce our first strategic partnership. SmartBrief, Inc. is a provider of educational newsletters on a wide variety of topics (including education), and is home of the brand new Education SmartBlog. In addition to providing a generous donation of funds that will allow us to reopen our Mini-Grant program soon, SmartBrief will be providing free advertising for Edcamps targeted at local SmartBrief newsletter subscribers, to increase event attendance and therefore help advance the Edcamp movement.”

SmartBrief‘s free newsletters are read by nearly three million people in 25 key industries every day. Popular topics that will likely be of interest to those reading this announcement include Education, Leadership, Social Media, Technology and more.

Please show your support for SmartBrief by signing up for these high-quality, timely newsletters and encouraging others to do the same!

We will soon provide instructions explaining how Edcamps can run geo-targeted ads promoting their events on select SmartBrief newsletters. These ads will enable Edcamp organizers to to reach influential education decisionmakers in their target area. This is huge, and it represents the first time Edcamps will be advertised outside of normal social media channels.

We are very, very excited about our partnership with SmartBrief and we are convinced the geo-targeted advertising will improve attendance at local Edcamps, helping advance the movement.

Thank you, SmartBrief!


Evernote for Schools: Creating Portfolios Workshop – 50% off with the code ‘edcamp’!

Evernote, one of the Edcamp movement’s greatest supporters, has announced a workshop on creating portfolios and a TERRIFIC deal – 50% off the usual $50 admission price if you use the link coupon code ‘edcamp’ – or just click the link below!

Click here to register and save!

The workshop will be held Thursday, August 23, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM (PT) in San Francisco, CA.

Thanks, Evernote!