Thank you, Edutopia (and Matt Arguello) for helping share the Edcamp love!

A while ago, we were approached by the wonderful people at Edutopia about promoting Edcamp on their site. Thrilled, we turned to the very talented Matt Arguello for ad design ideas. He came up with two which have been quite popular (judging by the click-through rates). You may have seen these on their site:

We’d like to thank Edutopia and Matt Arguello for their help promoting organic, participant-driven professional development worldwide!

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Edcamp Foundation

Edcamp Organizer Hangout On Air 11/13/12 @ 7pm EDT

On Tuesday, November 13th, at 7pm EST, an experienced panel of Edcamp Organizers will share tips, tricks, and guidance about the “finances” of an Edcamp event.

How do you set up a bank account?

What are the best ways to get sponsors?

Learn that and more in this half hour Google Hangout.

To join the Hangout online, click here.

NJED Disaster Relief: Educators Helping other Educators

[From the Edcamp NJ Organizing team]

Dear edcampNJ Registrants,

edcampNJ is less than a month away and we are making final preparations for this exciting professional development opportunity. While we will not be deterred from these important preparations, we are sensitive to the difficulties that many of our schools are experiencing due to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

With this in mind, we are organizing an opportunity for all participants to donate to support our schools’ recovery while showing their support for edcampNJ. Please visit site to purchase an edcampNJ shirt with a Hurricane Sandy Relief message on the back. All funds above the cost of the shirt will go toward providing supplies to schools in need in New Jersey. Deadline to order shirt is by Sunday, November 11, 2012.

In addition, we have also collectively established the #NJED Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Drive to help educators in their time of need. Please visit this website If you are in a district in need of support or supplies, simply fill out the form and you will be included in this project. If you are able to help a school, please view the spreadsheet and reach out to help. We are all in this together.

We look forward to seeing everyone on December 1st at Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick. It promises to be an exciting day and an opportunity for NJ educators to learn and to show their NJ strength, spirit, and determination.


The edcampNJ Team