We Are Edcamp! (Fundraising Campaign Update)

Edcampers are awesome! In just 5 days, the edcamp community came together to fully fund a campaign that was meant to last 30. The generosity is truly humbling and the message sent is loud and clear – “We believe in participant driven professional development. We deserve the right to determine our own learning.”

By funding this campaign, the edcamp community has moved the foundation significantly closer to becoming a fully realized 501©3. This matters because it legitimizes the movement for funders. No longer will they need to rely on faith when handing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars over to a group of teachers. Once Non-profit status is achieved, it is the foundations hope to significantly increase funding, allowing us to expand both the range and value of the mini-grant program and also develop new innovations in professional learning for educators. Read more


Announcing Edcamp Radio!

Edcamp Radio is here! Each week you can hear from a member of the Edcamp Foundation and organizers of recent Edcamp events. Each episode discusses popular educational trends, helpful smackdown tools, and the innovations that make Edcamps magical. You can subscribe to Edcamp Radio on iTunes by clicking here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/edcamp-radio/id590047628. Thanks to the BAM Radio Network for producing and hosting our show!


New book from EducationIsMyLife.com benefits the Edcamp Foundation!

The wonderful education bloggers over at EducationIsMyLife (including our very own Dr. Kristen Swanson) just announced a new book whose electronic sale proceeds will benefit the Edcamp Foundation!

“Intellectual Curiosity in Our Schools” is FREE for those who sign up early (click HERE), but proceeds from sales of the Kindle and iBook versions will be donated to our organization.

For more information, please check out this blog post.

Thank you very much, EducatonIsMyLife! We sincerely appreciate the support!