Desperately Seeking 501(c)(3): We Are Edcamp! (a fundraiser)

Has an Edcamp made a difference in your life? Helped you develop your personal learning network? Improve your professional practice? Helped refresh and renew your passion for teaching?

Yeah. Thought so. Us too.

Now, we need your help.

We’ve kicked off an Indeigogo campaign to raise funds for the legal & professional fees needed to secure federal 501(c)(3) (a.k.a. non-profit) status:

Non-profit status is huge for us. HUGE. It will allow us to continue to grow, supporting the growth of participant-directed professional development for educators everywhere.

Any contribution is appreciated. Anything at all! The campaign runs from now until February 23rd. Our goal: $2,000.

When the eleven of us met at Barcamp Philly in 2009, we didn’t know we were about to change the lives of thousands of educators world-wide. We just knew we had to share the experience with everyone. So we did. The rest is history.

David Logan, in this TED Talk, talks about Tribal Leadership. He asks: “will your tribe change the world?”

Yes, it will.

Yes, we are.

Thank you for your support!