State of the Edcamp 2013

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“Edcamp changed my life. Happy to help. Rock on. “ ~Daniel Scibienski

As the president prepares to update our nation on critical issues with his State of the Union address, I wanted to provide the Edcamp community with a brief State of the Edcamp address. Thanks to YOUR hard work, Edcampers, the face of professional development for educators is changing. Be proud. (Have no idea what Edcamp is? Learn more here.)

Unbridled growth

If you follow the Edcamp hashtag on Twitter or regularly visit the Edcamp Wiki, then you know that Edcamps have been exploding across the globe. Consider these stats:

  • 2010: 8 Edcamps
  • 2011: 51 Edcamps
  • 2012: 127 Edcamps

In short, Edcamps are growing, and they are growing fast! The Edcamp Wiki has more than 800 members, and hundreds of thousands of tweets have been posted with #edcamp appended to them. Even more Edcamps are projected for 2013! Read more

edcamp logo explained

The Edcamp Flaming Apple – Explained

Symbols are powerful things and the Flaming Apple of Edcamp is no exception. Our logo was designed by one of my former students, Lorenzo Ibarra. Even at first glance, Lorenzo’s design is a brilliant twist on the barcamp flame. It gives a nod to Edcamp’s roots in that movement as well capturing the burning passion of Edcampers for education.

Read more