“Why I committed to a monthly donation to Edcamp and why you should too” by Sara Brooks

CC Image credit: day 215/365 (bokeh) donations by  ~*~...nicole...~*~  on Flickr

Image credit: day 215/365 (bokeh) donations by ~*~…nicole…~*~ on Flickr

The Edcamp Foundation would like to recognize and thank Ms. Sara Brooks, an Information Literacy Teacher (Elementary School Librarian) in Greely, Colorado, for being our first monthly donor. We appreciate your support! Here’s the note that accompanied her donation:

By dedicating a monthly amount to Edcamp, it allows the organization to  better budget and plan throughout the year. But even more important, a monthly donation is my commitment to all teachers’ professional growth.Teachers want to improve their teaching and will contribute and participate in professional development that matters to them! This is Edcamp. It allows us to share what we know and to learn from others; we can build from each other’s experiences. Edcamp makes it better for teachers and our students. It is a truly grassroots organization that began from our rank and file and continues to be about our profession. Give monthly and keep it growing!

Thank you, Sara, for your advocacy and support – and for paying it forward!

The Edcamp Foundation Partners with MIT Media Labs Join us for Learning Creative Learning


It’s not (just) a course, but a community for educators, designers, technologists, and others interested in creative learning.

Learning Creative Learning (LCL) is an online community on creative learning hosted by the MIT Media Lab. LCL will start on March 18 with six weeks of discussions and activities, followed by a few weeks to work on projects, leading to a creative-learning exhibition in May. There will be online sessions on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00pm Boston time.

LCL will focus on key aspects of the Media Lab approach to learning: Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play. We invite you to apply these ideas to your own teaching and learning experiences. Together, we can reimagine and reinvent education.

Learning Creative Learning is a collaborative experiment. We are building on the online course we offered last year and plan to continue to tinker with the format and explore new tools for sharing ideas and supporting discussions. We hope you will tinker with us.

Online learning + Local meet-ups = :-) We think local meet-ups are the perfect complement to online learning. That’s why LCL is collaborating with EdCamps and NWP to encourage more meet-ups. They create an opportunity to meet others in your area who are just as passionate about creative learning as you are!

Each week, LCL will cross-promote EdCamps that are happening and encourage participants to host sessions about LCL. In these sessions, participants could talk about the readings and ideas of the course, or even work on course activities together, but do it face to face instead of online only.

Join LCL > No sign-up necessary. But we will send updates and weekly reminders to an email list. To get updates, register your email at http://learn.media.mit.edu/ and follow @medialabcourse on Twitter.


The Edcamp Foundation is Expanding!

The Edcamp Foundation is very excited for 2014. We’ve been planning lots of new ways to support Edcamps, teachers, and Edcamp organizers. To better support our work, we’re expanding our membership to include committees that work directly with the Foundation Board on important matters.

We’re very excited to welcome the following individuals to the Edcamp Foundation as committee members!

Public Relations Committee – this committee will a) create documents for the Foundation’s committees to use in their work (i.e., fundraising letters, proposals to present at conferences, presentations, etc.); and b) lead the “50 States Challenge,” an initiative aimed at bringing an Edcamp to each of the 50 states.

  • Shannon Montague – Chair
  • Christy Brennan
  • David Cutler
  • Philip Cummings
  • Joanne Najarian
  • Lisa Palmieri
  • Markette Pierce
  • Jennifer L. Scheffer
  • Chris Shriver
  • Chris Thinnes
  • Hadley Ferguson (Edcamp Foundation Board Member)

Foundation Partner Program Committee – this committee, chaired by Edcamp Foundation Board Member Kristen Swanson, supports Edcamp Organizers across the globe. The committee provides support, assistance, and professional development when it comes to running the best Edcamp event possible.

  • Alice Barr
  • Cindy Dixon
  • Kaye Hendrickson
  • Debby Jacoby
  • Karl Lindgren-Streicher
  • Andrew Marcinek
  • Chris McGee
  • Kristina Peters
  • Michael Podraza
  • Laksmi Puspitowardhani
  • Margaret Roth
  • Aaron Ross
  • Jerry Swiatek
  • Peter Strawn
  • David Wees

Online Presence Committee – chaired by Edcamp Foundation Board Member Kevin Jarrett, this committee is responsible for helping manage everything about the Edcamp brand online – including our blog, Twitter, wiki, Facebook & LinkedIn pages, and more.

  • Jessie Bamberger
  • Lisa Butler
  • Paige Lennig
  • Kyle Pace
  • Mike Marotta
  • Shannon Montague
  • Shawn White

Recognition Committee – chaired by Edcamp Foundation Board Member Mike Ritzius, this committee is responsible for ensuring Edcamps are recognized as official events (and follow the tenets of Edcamps) and the organizing teams are recognized, too.

  • Ben Wildeboer
  • Billy Krakower
  • Trisha Sanchez
  • Stacey Schuh
  • Tracy Sockalosky

Keep a lookout for these folks as they leverage the true power of Edcamp over the next year. We welcome them aboard and thank them for their efforts!


The Epic EdCamp Lip Dub

It’s here! Presented publicly for the first time at Edcamp Philly 2013, this terrific video, including the Grammy-Award winning* Flocabulary Edcamp Rap, was produced by the epic Bill Selak himself, and features performances by this intrepid group of #EduAwesome educators and edcamp fanatics:


Edcamp Foundation Members (Kristen Swanson, Christine Miles, Hadley Ferguson, Kim Sivick)
EdCamp Phoenix
@mrlucero82 and @dierdreshetler
EdCamp Phoenix continued
Edcamp Maine
@schinker (EdCamp Cleveland)
Donna Miller, Brianne Killion, Maureen Condon
Edcamp Detroit Team
@mwmedvinsky (Edcamp Detroit)
@tbed63 Students
@techmaverick & @digitalroberto
@michellek107, @mrskmpeters
Edcamp SWO


* = we wish!

edcamp logo explained

The Edcamp Flaming Apple – Explained

Symbols are powerful things and the Flaming Apple of Edcamp is no exception. Our logo was designed by one of my former students, Lorenzo Ibarra. Even at first glance, Lorenzo’s design is a brilliant twist on the barcamp flame. It gives a nod to Edcamp’s roots in that movement as well capturing the burning passion of Edcampers for education.

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